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What to do in Barcelona this weekend? Market on April 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Yay!

What to do in Barcelona this weekend? Market on April 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Yay!

So cloudy and rainy it didn't even feel like Barcelona... Are you wondering what to do to get the sunny days vibes? We have a plan that will make you shine either the sun comes out or not yet:

In the magical mansion Torre Amat in the quarter of Sarrià you'll find a marker that will bring colour and joy to your weekend, only this weekend.

Where - Torre AmatCarrer de la Duquessa d'Orleans, 9, 08034 Barcelona.

How to get there in public transport - Ferrocarriles stop Reina Elisenda or Sarrià. Buses: H4, V3, V7, 68, 130. 

When - 1st , 2nd y 3rd de April. Time: Friday from 4 pm a 8 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm.

Free entrance

Organised by Barcelona Events & Markets - IG @barcelona_events_markets

Torre Amat - market Barcelona

Music, drinks and cake will be waiting for you!

We will be there too with our Feng Shui Suncatchers and all their rainbows, also exclusive designs for the market y promotions, up to 40% off. You read it correctly, up to 40% off on selected suncatchers.

 Dreamawakes Atrapasoles

Dreamawakes - Paula Celeste

A Suncatcher is a Feng Shui piece of interior design and its function is to refract the sun rays that would go across the faced crystal. 

  • The white light will be decomposed into all the colors of the spectrum creating littles rainbow lights that will dance around the room.
  • These sparks will reach the darkest corners, in other words taking Yang energy to the Yin corners and balance the energies.
  • The unexpected colours and the move will create dynamism and will give our minds a better thing to mimic than a stuck sofa specially when we are in the mood of creation: studying, working, etc.

Your mind now will be inspired to get more imaginative ideas and outcomes to situations due to the variety of colors you see. The movement and dynamism will contribute to taking major action to accomplish these new ideas.

The Sunrise Suncatchers + meditation bundle kits were created by Mother Ana, artisan and Reiki master and Daughter Paula, writer and meditation runner.

It’s a unique design created and handmade by them. The suncatchers are Reiki attuned so they arrive at your place ready to spread the energy of love.

The goose feathers related to “air” and the Chi were added to benefit the energy flows.

Hoping to seeing you this weekend in Torre Amat! 

The Dreamawakes Suncatchers will be there, and you?

 dreamawakes market

For more information, please contact us, we love talking about this stuff: hello@dreamwakes.com , Instagram @dreamawakes or whatsapp: 618 124 426.