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About Dreaming and Awakening

Daughter of two hippie souls: mother and father Reiki masters and energy workers.

From my mum I learnt about:

Feng Shui - by finding frogs and bamboo ticks around the house. Well, they were not randomly placed, I eventually understood.

Healing Crystals - by seeing them in her beautiful crafts, and beautiful self, and under the sun and moon light.

Arts and crafts - Seeing her creations was and is my source of inspiration. We co-created the first collection and still work close together. Any left Pink Quartz beams, mum? I just ran out of them!

From my dad I learnt about:

Meditations and Mantras - He brought them from Indian Ashrams to the house and to my days.

Quantum Physics - Time as an illusion (or social agreement) was in his writings since before it was cool to talk about it, and many other controversial topics which are in vogue today.

Astrology - I can’t find my astral chart, dad. Can you kindly do it again?

That’s my school and they are my masters.

I have breathed spirituality and the use of energies since I can remember. Then I complemented their teachings with monks' teachings in Asia, Reiki training, NLP, writing and meditation courses, to enrich my spiritual path on earth.

Dreamawakes’ mission is to enhance the light in other homes and to spread the message of love, inner peace and abundance with our inner peace pieces.

Does it resonate with you? Have a look at our store and be part of the light and love ripple effect.

I wish you days of high vibrations and love, of dreams and awareness.


Paula Celeste and the Dreamawakes team.

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