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new year, new you

Energetic Jewels
Handmade in Barcelona

get them all

new year, new you

Energetic Jewels
Handmade in Barcelona

get them all


Dreamers, awakers, witchcraft lovers, yogis, occasionally stretchers,
how do you enjoy the Dreamawakes Suncatchers?


I absolutely adore my sun catcher! I can tell that it has been made with a lot of love and packaged with attention to detail. The sun catchers have been activated with Reiki by a Reiki master. I love the simple yet delicate design of the sun catchers and the meaning behind it: bringing light into darkness ✨

Each sun catcher has genuine crystals, which help harmonising the room with their incredible energy. They are decorated with beautiful feathers that help bringing in the element of air and tranquility into the room. I love how the crystals catch the sun rays and fill my space with beautiful rainbow lights! Totally recommended!


Sarah, Dubai


I went for the white one, I love the soft touch, the texture, I just felt in love with it 😍

The colours are so beautiful, they convey so much purity ...
Very delicate soft strings ...

🥰. 🥰. 🥰

I always have it next to me during my meditations, it transmits serenity and focus to me.

It is a lovely little thing that everyone would love to have at home.


Bego, Spain


Beautiful suncatcher handmade with a lot of love. I adore the feathers and red Jasper natural stone, and the faceted crystal... I love how it makes rainbow sparks in your room 😍

Lovely mother and daughter initiative.

💖 💖 💖


@masflowstudio Eva Muñoz

The Suncrtchers Dreamawakes meditation immediately brought a sense of peace and serenity to my day as I started the first few seconds of the session. I found it to be an ideal way to unwind and recenter my thoughts at the end of a long day, particularly before bedtime. I think the rest of the kit is also perfect as a way to bridge relaxation with a beautiful handmade creation. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves practicing mindfulness in various ways, as well as to anyone looking for a creative and thoughtful gift idea.

Léa, France

I have never done meditation before. After listening to the first episode, I instantly fell in love. I'm a woman who is super busy and claims to never have time, so this was perfect for me. It was short, the voice was super soothing and I was able to fall into mediation mode right away.
I did not realize how much my inner child was hurting, until I listened to this first episode.
I'm excited about my journey and highly recommend this to anyone else who is super busy and struggles to find the time for themselves. You'd be surprised how much this meditation is for you.

Dahlia, USA

I loved the Suncatchers Dreamawakes meditation, it is beautiful. I already did it a couple of times by now. Today I had a crazy day and listening to it helped me to slow down and find inner peace again. Do you have more meditations? Thank you 🙏

Jay, Germany