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You are just in time

Ready to awaken your dreams?

Thanks for entering the Dreamawakes portal.

Instead of a cup of tea, we can offer you sets of meditations.

Why? What for?

We would all agree that our minds mimic what we see and hear. For instance, if you hear a baby laughing the chances are that you will laugh too; if you see someone yawning you would yawn too. Are you yawning already? ;)

So let's give our eyes and our minds the kindest things to mimic to evoke and perpetuate the kindest feelings that will lead us to our dreamy dreams...

Make me dream!

Here you have the meditations that come along with our creations.They aim to shake and align a particular aspect or unbalance that might take you one step closer to your dreamy life.


Balance your energy centers to enhance the openness of your heart and love unconditionally.


Energise your days and leave procrastination behind to chase your dreams.


Live in balance in and outside your home.

Balance yoursel with the energy of the 5 elements of Ayurveda.

our gemstones

show me the secret gems!