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    The Love Rise Suncatchers relate to the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. It is ornamented with beams of natural stones: White Quartz, Pink Quartz or Jade. All the Feng Shui Suncatchers with the crystal faceted balls and prisms, pulls in bouncing light energy into our homes and creates unexpected beams of rainbow lights to inspire move, will and original outcomes. The sparkling colours will make your soul dance, the reiki attuned central piece will arrive to yours with the energies of love and the guided Sunrise Meditation will make any regular day, a day of gratitude, vibrancy and love even before you take a cup of coffee.

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    Already Made Kit: Ready to hang from your window or any place in your home where the suncatcher can catch the sun rays and expand them into bouncing rainbow lights. Dimensions: 13x26cm approximately Materials: a wooden ring, fine yarns, golden metal pieces such as brass, natural feathers, faceted crystals, and natural stones.

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    We're conscious about the over productions problems, we believe in slow fashion so we produce on demand with love and care. We'll send you some meditations over until your order arrives. Namaste ✶