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Love Rise Suncatchers Full Collection
Love Rise Suncatchers Full Collection
Love Rise Suncatchers Full Collection
Love Rise Suncatchers Full Collection
Love Rise Suncatchers Full Collection

Love Rise Suncatchers Full Collection

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All three for you or get them with a loved one!

  • Ornamented with beams of energetic natural stones
  • Includes three Sunrise meditations
  • Handmade and Reiki attuned
  • Faceted Crystals that create rainbow lights
  • Get the full collection!
  • 15% off

Now is the new later. If these suncatchers resonate with you, get them now ✶

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Love, Honey and Root Sunrise Suncatchers. All three for you or get them with your loved ones: friends, siblings, parents, who doesn’t love some energetic rainbow lights in the house? The Root one contains a Red Jasper stone and relates to the first chakra (stability, security), the Honey one has a Honey Calcite stone, related to the second and third chakras (creation, imagination, will) and the Love Feng Shui Suncatcher is ornamented with a Rose Quarts and relates to fourth chakra (unconditional love to yourself and to others). Which ones to choose? Simple, you should take the one or ones that call you the most, look at them and you’ll know it! The kit includes a Sunrise meditation. All our inner peace pieces are handmade in Barcelona and later on Reiki attuned to arrive at your home with the energies of love.

DIY Sunrise Full Collection Kit (3 kits): You will receive all the materials you see in the three finished suncatchers (stones, wool, crystals, feathers, etc.), video tutorials to accomplish it. You’ll also need glue, scissors, a pen and cutters. copy-paste on your browser for more details: dreamawakes.com/pages/aros-marcas-ring-marks - It includes the three Suncatchers meditations. It takes 2-3 hours to complete and the difficulty level is low. Really, anyone can do it. Not recommended for kids under 12 years old since the pieces are small and the cutters could be sharp. Any further questions please contact us, and enjoy, it’s a fun and super mindfulness activity. Already Made Sunrise Full Collection Kit (3 kits): 3 Suncatchers ready to hang from your window or any place in your home where the suncatchers can catch the sun rays and expand them into bouncing rainbow lights. Dimensions: 13x26cm approximately Materials: A wooden ring, fine yarns, golden metal such as brass, natural feathers, faceted crystals, and natural stones.

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We're conscious about the over productions problems, we believe in slow fashion so we produce on demand with love and care. We'll send you some meditations over until your order arrives. Namaste ✶