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Feng Shui Suncatchers

Feng Shui Suncatchers

Ok, so now we have more freedom: we can go to restaurants, parks, and even travel a bit. But many habits from lockdowns still remain. Some people work at home more often, some do a full home office. Something similar happens with students, even with sports, we exercise at home as well. 

Spending time at home is great but think about it, we are surrounded by heavy and bulky furniture and home appliances stuck to the floors and walls like fridges, washing machines, etc. If we take in consideration that our minds mimic what our eyes see then we can easily conclude that the feeling of stuckness will be transferred to us constantly and subconsciously.

So what can we do to avoid the feeling of stucknance in our lives?

Fire is the element of will, action, accomplishment, dynamism.

By activating the fire as an element in our homes we will be sending a message to our subconscious minds to get up, take action in our lives, and have things done, such as learning how to play a new instrument, working out outdoors, starting a personal project, etc.

So how can we activate the element of fire? According to Feng Shui we can use lamps, candles, fireplace, sunny landscapes, the red color and its color range in curtains, cushions, carpets… and our favourite object: The Feng Shui Suncatchers.

Suncatcher, what is it?


Suncatchers are a Feng Shui piece of interior design and its function is to refract the sun rays that would go across the faced crystal. 

  • The white light will be decomposed into all the colors of the spectrum creating littles rainbow lights that will dance around the room.
  • These sparks will reach the darkest corners, in other words taking Yang energy to the Yin corners and balance the energies.
  • The unexpected colours and the move will create dynamism and will give our minds a better thing to mimic than a stuck sofa specially when we are in the mood of creation: studying, working, etc.

Your mind now will be inspired to get more imaginative ideas and outcomes to situations due to the variety of colors you see. The movement and dynamism will contribute to taking major action to accomplish these new ideas.

The Sunrise Suncatchers + meditation bundle kits were created by Mother Ana, artisan and Reiki master and Daughter Paula, writer and meditation runner.

It’s a unique design created and handmade by them. The suncatchers are Reiki attuned so they arrive at your place ready to spread the energy of love.

The goose feathers related to “air” and the Chi were added to benefit the energy flows.

Get your suncatcher today to enhance creativity and will in your life. Any new projects in mind already? See the Sunrise Suncatcher collection!